After 15 years of development, the company has become the industry's leading heat press machine production and distribution. The products have obtained appearance patent, new utility patent and invention patent. As a result of...
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In 2005, Mr Guangfeng He founded Yiwu Taile Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. The company always pursues the enterprise spirit of “Keep improving, encourage and forge ahead”, and carries out the business philosophy of “Integrity-based, win-win cooperation”. After 15 years of development, the company has become the industry’s leading…

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How to Select Your Heat Press Machine?

What is heat press machine? The heat press machine (or “heat transfer machine”) transfers patterns or designs to items such as T-shirts, mouse pads, flags, handbags, mugs, hats, etc. by the means of time, temperature, and pressure. The basic heat press machine is equipped with a simpl...

A little knowledge about the product of the hot press and hot isostatic pressing

For hot pressing, a controlled sequence of pressure and temperature is used. Frequently, the pressure is applied after some heating has occurred because applying pressure at lower temperatures could have adverse effects on the part and tooling. Hot pressing temperatures are several hundred degree...

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